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VIP One Day

Strategy or Design

A one-day intensive to clarify, redefine, simplify, and uplevel your brand. Choose strategy shifts or simplified design solutions.

Hire a Brand Strategist and Designer for a day to elevate your brand without it taking months.

Not ready to invest yet in our custom strategy and design package? Start with our VIP One Day.

We get in the zone, commit to the work, and get it done. This day is dedicated to amplifying your brand edge – and not on just a set of deliverables, it’s an opportunity to clarify what makes YOU and your brand unique, communicate why it matters with style concisely, get noticed by your ideal tribe and expand your reach.


What You Could Get:

FOR strategy:

For design:

Maybe it’s a mix of both?

What’s Included:

Who it’s for:

How it works:

Still have questions? Fill out the form below and share your questions. We can chat more and see what aligns best for you.


Brand Audit – 
Before you can move forward you need expert advice on how to stand out and magnetize your growth. Our One-Day audit is thorough, effective, and swift to assess what’s working, what’s not, and ideas to better communicate your value – visually, verbally, and cohesively – why it matters, and why your people should choose you.

  • Audit of your brand platform, brand identity, website, and if time allows, social media + Using our 16-point Brand Foundational Checklist, we’ll provide recommendations & direction.
  • One of the best ways to gain direction BEFORE investing and hiring a designer.

Brand Strategy Design Quickie –
If you’re starting out or wanting a brand refresh, yet want guidance and direction BEFORE investing and hiring a designer, let’s start with this package to clarify and define the best route to go and get a shotlist to share with your photographer to maximize your photoshoot.

  • Brand Moodboard
  • Logo inspire, branding inspire
  • Photo Style Direction
  • Color Palette
  • Font Palette
  • Photo Shotlist – direction for photo composition and style to help you and your photographer maximize your photoshoot investment.
  • Messaging Update – 
    Strategy – Messaging Strategy + Copy refinements for your website
    homepage and up to 2 additional pages (depending on how extensive)

  • OR
    Brand Refresh Quickie – 
    (for existing biz or someone starting out who’s super clear on their brand position, who they serve, and your services/ offerings): 
      • Simple logotype for your brand or course
      • Color palette
      • Font palette
      • If time allows:
        Choose A): 2-3 page Canva e-book, Proposal document, or onboarding document template – OR – 
        Choose B): Business card – OR –
        Choose C): Thank you card

  • OR
    Instagram Refresh Update – 
    • Instagram Strategy – Moodboard, visual style flow, plus Instagram Design – 10 Instagram post/ story templates
  • Brand Strategy – Updated Mini Brand Strategy Bible
    Updated Brand Position Statement
    Updated Audience Personas & Priorities
    Updated Values, Mission, Brand Goals
    Brand Position Pyramid
    Define Your Brand Archetype(s)
    Brand Key Differentiators
    Brand Photostyle
    Brand Moodboard
  • Web Strategy – Strategy & Website wireframe(s) for Homepage
    (& if time allows 1-2 other pages)

The Investment



Save $200 til 1/11/2022

Apply below and we’ll jump on a call to discuss your goals and expectations for your VIP One-Day. Once we agree on your gameplan, we’ll send you an invoice, and full payment is due before the morning of when your VIP day starts.
Limited spots each month. First come, first serve.

I’d definitely recommend Michelle, especially those struggling with developing messaging to connect with their audience.

Your ability to process large amounts of complicated information and synthesize it into language that resonates is incredible.

Your VIP Day allowed us to finish our web copy, inspired new marketing campaigns, and really clarified our client perspective moving forward!”


I always felt you went above and beyond.
You brought out the exact vibe in my brand
that I wanted to communicate to the world.


I especially appreciated the time and care placed on the discovery process and felt you were genuinely interested and engaged in helping us create a dynamic and meaningful visual identity.


Availability for

January 2022







Frequently Asked Questions

In short – Once you book, you’ll receive instructions on how to prep for your VIP Day. Your VIP Day is 9am – 5pm.

Here’s how the process will flow:
After you book, we’ll jump on a 45-60 min call to determine priorities for your VIP Day, along with what’s actually possible. We’ll agree on an action plan before we dive in, so we’re sure to hit the ‘must-get-done’ things, while also having some extra things lined up in case we have more time left over. I‘ll send you a  timeline so we’re both clear how the day will flow and specific time(s) I’ll need your feedback and/ or jump on call for presentation/ review.

On your VIP Day we’ll have a 60-min kick-off call to clarify any final questions I have and/ or I’ll share some initial inspiration or direction. Then, sometimes I’ll email you a first-take preview for you to review around noon and get your response by 1pm, so I can continue onward. Around 4 or 4:30 pm we’ll jump on a final present call. If there’s minor edits or adjustments, I’ll finish those, and compile all files to you, around 5pm.

I’ll send you a questionnaire to complete. If I need access to any of your files – logos, imagery, copywriting/ word documents, photos, etc. I’ll need those a few days prior to your VIP so I can review everything and make sure I have everything I need to start.

Not typically. In some cases we might start the day with a kickoff call if we have any questions. But typically, you will only need to be available for the design preview around Noon/ 12pm and then the final design at 4 or 4:30pm to give your final feedback. We may also periodically ask you questions throughout the day via email or Voxer.

If there’s time at the end of the day for small changes, I’d be happy to make those small tweaks or adjusts. If you have additional changes after the 7 hours of the allotted VIP-Day time, this will be an additional service and you can book more time.

The day is from 9am – 5pm. First – You get access to me – combo of a Brand Strategist, Creative Director and Designer to ensure your project gets the love it really deserves. Second – You get strategy and/ or design in a faster timeline. And third – you get ALL of my attention all day long. Being my #1 client that entire day, I dedicate all of my creative energy just to you.

Yes. Some requests might require 2 VIP Days or 1 and a half VIP days. I’ll let you know if I can accomplish all of your tasks in one day during our consult call.

Michelle is a creative genius. She is positive, engaging, and over delivers each time with her commitment to her clients and bringing their business vision to full expression.


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